Hi Everybody,

I have been following a few very nice blogs, mainly while searching for recipes , since past 1 year. I was totally a novice in cooking when i came to US and ... its almost a year now !! I have grown up seeing my mother cooking variety of delicious dishes. My Dad never used to let me cook at home and always assured me that I too will learn when time comes. While coming to US, my Mom gave me one of her own cookbooks where she wrote down many recipes for me :) Besides that, I used to search different recipes in the net and gradually found myself visiting regularly a few particular blogs like Ahaar, kichu khon, Bong Mom's cookbook, Appyayan and many more. Back then I never imagined that I too will create a blog one day, which also will contain recipes :)

I love to cook for my husband who loves to eat good food and is a good cook himself as well. I started cooking with an inspiration and urge but soon it turned out to be my passion. I must say one thing, I am still at a very early age regarding cooking experience, just one year... and I am still learning. I have taken suggestions or sometimes completely followed many recipes from different blogs and sites till date and cooked a few dishes on my own too. So this is my humble way of sharing and contributing to this yummy world of Food blogs and learning a lot more... :)

Hope to see you friends in my blog !! :-)