Dear Friends,

Hope you all are doing great and enjoying the holiday season to the fullest !! I have been very very busy lately, so disappeared from the blogging world...I didnt check my fellow bloggers' posts nor could post any comment...and sorry for not being able to reply to your precious comments !! They do mean a lot to me. I will reply to you all as soon as I resume blogging. I opened my dashboard after a loong long time now..and was overwhelmed by soo many delicious and mouthwatering dishes !! Specially, the cakes and cookies...yumm !!

My MIL has come here for the first time to visit us and to attend my husband's convocation :) So I will remain very busy till beginning of Feb....wont get the chance to post here as I have lab work 5 days/week...and then most importantly, final prep for my Residency journey going on ... :)

So, I wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year !! See you all in 2010...I will be back with lots of new recipes and will visit all your blogs... :)

Till then, take care everybody...and Happy cooking !! :)