I am back after my exam...I hope everything was okay !!
These days its soo hot over here...and no signs of rain at all !! Hope the weather gets a bit cooler soon !!

On a special occasion 2 weeks back, I made Shrimp Biriyani and Chicken Handi at home which we had along with salad and raita :) Today I am going to post the recipes ... :)

Shrimp Biriyani

Ingredients :

Basmati Rice - 2 cups
Water- 3 cups
Potato- 2 big
Shrimp - i gave about 10-15 pcs
Cloves- 4
Green cardamom- 4
Cinnamon- 1" stick
Shan Chicken Biriyani Masala- half packet
White Oil- 4 tbsp
Ghee- 1 tbsp
Salt- to taste

Procedure :

First, I washed and soaked the rice in 4 cups of water for about 45 mins. Then drained it and kept aside.
Then I peeled and cut the potatoes in half and fried them in 1 tbsp of oil and kept them aside.
I used small size cooked shrimp, so didnt have to clean them. I had these in my fridge so used them, though I like the fresh ones more.
After thawing, I shallow fried the shrimps in 2 tbsp of oil with little turmeric and salt. After it was done I added 1 tbsp of oil and fried the whole garam masala for few seconds.
Then I added the biriyani masala with little water and mixed with the shrimp and fried for some time till oil separated.
After that i added the potatoes and rice and mixed them well. Then I added 3 cups of water and some salt and mixed everything nicely.

I dont put the lid and let it boil in high heat till holes appear on the surface of the rice. Then i decrease the heat to the lowest setting and let it simmer for about 5-7 mins. After that I added 1 tbsp of ghee and mixed slightly.
Shrimp Biriyani is ready :) Shan biriyani masala gives a nice flavour and since I dont have joitri/jay fol etc. I use their chicken or mutton biriyani masala for any kind of biriyani.

It was quite spicy even without adding chilli powder.
We had this with raita and chicken handi... :)