Broiled Corn on the Cob

Since the day I saw Sharmila's post on roasted corn on the cob in her blog Kichu Khon , I was eagerly waiting when I will make this myself !! I simply love bhutta (corn on the cob) but had no idea that I can make this at home before I read her post !! Thanks a lot Sharmila !! :)

When I was small, my Dad used to bring this for me almost everyday while returning from office. Even when I grew up, this almost became a rule during the bhutta season... whenever he returned in the evening, I used to search his bag for bhutta... :D

I used to buy this myself as well, while waiting for a bus in the stand and relish it with lemon and salt !! :P

So, the moment I read her post, I made my husband bring two bhuttas from Safeway last friday!!
I do not have a open flame stove here, its glass-topped. So i thought of broiling it in the oven just the way I make ' begun-pora' ( roasted eggplant) .

I had smeared the corn with little oil , but later realized its not required. Then put them on the grill and broiled them in high for about 5-7 mins and turned them over. I kept on checking so that it doesnt get charred too much. Then i rubbed it with little salt and lemon juice.

And then...... I cudnt wait to have it !! :D But first I needed some snaps for which I call my hubby most of the times :P Photography is his passion... so even before he can taste a preparation, I request him to take a pic for me !! :P

The first bite was awesome...but then we realised its a bit sweet, so the taste was not exactly the same as the ones bought from the bhuttawallahs. Nonetheless, it was great... and I hope to make it again !! :) I was so happy to have the bhutta at home just like Kolkata streets....oh, I miss those phuchkas and churmur soo much !!

Yesterday I completed one full year of my stay in US. Today we had a house cleaning done and the stove-top is again as shiny as it was when we rented the apt. And now, I will be arranging my kitchen just the way I did on 11th last yr. One year flew by so fast, away from our parents, with two big exams in between for me and loads of lab-work for my hubby. We will miss Durga Puja this year also, though we hope to attend the puja here. Lots of important things are coming up in life, I pray to God that our dream is fulfilled !!

Writing up this post brought back so many good old memories... so thought of listening to one of my favorite songs...

Rabindra sangeet amar bhishon priyo...satyi-i "purano sei diner kotha...bhulbi kire haay o shei chokher dekha...praner ki bhola jay..."

Shobai valo theko... Everybody take care ... :)